the history

Titolari Cantina BernardiThe wine-growing and producing estate’s origins, at this time “Cantina Bernardi”, date back to Matteo Aliprandi,  the first owner, in 1486.

When he died, the all property, which comprised the Castelletto, (now Todeschini and Lovisatti’s private estate), has been inherited by the Santa Giustina Monks, who used to plant fields with vines and select the best and finest ones. In this way the Monks turned the property into a paradise for vines and wines!

In 1800 all the producing has been stopped because of the French confiscation till the Napoleone Bonaparte’s downfall.

In 1820 the “Cavalieri dell’Ordine di Malta” got the property under their control and re-estabilished the culture, which keeps on being to this day thanks to Bernardi’s family.

It is an ancient belief that even strict Petrarca, who got here in the Colli Euganei teetotaller, ended up to see the local wine as “Antidote to lust and comfort in insobriety.

Nowadays the Cantina is heartly and successfully managed by Bernardi’s family.